1 jul 2011

Chococup amigurumi! (english)

A cup of hot cocoa? ^^

Another new amigurumi for collection! Wiiii!!! I'm so happy!!
There is already a great family amigurumi in my room and don't know where to put them, are invading me everywhere oh~ But they are so cute! OwO 
I love sweets, and cocoa is my passion! =3
I always want to have a cup of cocoa in my reach, I think I got the goal, don't you think?
I knitted this amigurumi a long time ago, it is knitting in two straight needles.
That pattern is easy to follow and knit, and really kawaii!

Reproduction for sale is prohibited.
Licencia Creative Commons

You can buy and download the pattern on Ravelry
Or buy it directly from paypal  (click into the image)

I hope to see their cups of cocoa soon!! =3

Happy knitting!!

*Chococup and cakes... mmm... yummy!*

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