31 ene 2012

Choco-valentine Amigurumi english

A delicious white chocolate for Valentine's Day.

February 14 approaching and the chocolate industry is prepared.
Chocolate is one of the greatest delights for the palate, but not for diet :P
So thinking about it, I decided to create this pattern.
This is my first crochet pattern! ​​And like the others is easy, fast and fun to knit.

I was inspired by Valentine's Day in Japan, this practice began in 1936 with Morozoff candy company.The custom is that the girls give away chocolate to the boy they like.  It is a way of declaring his love for her prince gekko.
This chocolate is given to the loved one is called "honmei choco" or real chocolate, and of course, the boys should respond to the girl the "White Day" which falls on March 14.

This pattern is for all lovers in Valentine's day.  If you think about giving away something special, here I leave this idea.Suitable for beginners who start with the crochet, do not be afraid, it's super easy! =)

The little heart that leads in the middle acts as a little pocket, I included a small pink heart felt with a tiny key, because the little chocolate is giving his heart ^ w ^
You can choose what to put in that little pocket, maybe a surprise gift for that special person.

Remember you can change the colors and the size to one size larger or smaller; only change the size of the needle and wool.

Reproduction for sale is strictly prohibited.

Licencia Creative Commons

You can buy and download the pattern on Ravelry

Or directly buy it download from paypal  (click into the image)

I welcome your comments and your projects! =)

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  1. Hola Carmen! Me acabo de inscribir en Ravelry y he descubierto tu blog. Me ha encantado todo lo que he visto!!!!Un saludo

    1. Muchas gracias!!!! *me sonrojo >///<* Espero encontrarte por Ravelry!!!