14 may 2011


Popsicles for summer!
A new amigurumi! A delicious and cute popsicle! Yummy! ^u^

In one half of the world is summer, while the other half is cold ...
People say that ice cream are only for the summer, but I say no!! Ice-cream Forever!! XD

This pattern is inspiration and creation by myself ^^
It's a very easy pattern and is perfect for thats remains of yarns.

Reproduction for sale is prohibited.
Licencia Creative Commons

You can buy and download the pattern on Ravelry

Or diectly buy it from paypal (click on the image) 

Just for 1,5€ 

I welcome your comments and I would love to see their popsicles! wiii! >w<

 In the pictures my popsicle doesn't have face =( but you must to embroider a super cute face! They look are really cute!

Remember to visit my other patterns, please! ^o^

Happy kniting!

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